Friday, 19 July 2013

Four weeks at Korbitec

Today was my last day of work for my internship at Korbitec. "Was" because today they asked me to stay on. So I sold my soul and agreed to carry on working at a desk job, partly because of the good pay,  and partly because I'm enjoying it.

While waiting for databases and ideas to load, I've discovered some great stuff around the interwebz. Top of this list is definitely joelonsoftware. I've read most of Joel's website now and I think I agree with nearly everything he says. Something which hasn't happened since I watched the three Ken Robinson TED talks on education and creativity.

You're back? Actually I assume you never left - if you'd visited the four URLs provided in the previous paragraph, you'd probably still be link-hopping. Well, not hinting or anything, but I found this Ubuntu Bug well worth a look: Open Office would not print on Tuesdays. And in case you're still around, take a look at this RFC for a hyper text coffee pot control protocol.

Apart from procrastinating, I have also been writing the if (statements) and while (loops) which Korbitec want. I even had a code review to prove it - an experience which gives a similar adrenaline kick to playing a practical music exam. Several developers nit-picked their way through the code I presented to them, arguing over best practice and style.

Outside work, I've been playing Ingress, which is a great game and good way to meet people in a new town. As long as you like meeting the sort of person who plays Ingress. I've also had my first (half) Gatsby (pic from Google Images, but it gives a good idea) and entered into the Marcel's vs Wakaberry debate. I could almost believe that I'm in a foreign place sometimes.

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