Monday, 7 October 2013

Important Academic Work!

Lectures have started! For English, I'm going to be reading a novel every two weeks; for one of my Philosophy modules we're covering Heidegger's Being and Time and Collingwood's An Essay on Metaphysics. Then there's still another module of Philosophy and some History floating around somewhere, neither of which has graced me with lecture time yet. Then there are secondary readings, but the list of secondary readings has now become a reading on its own.

So obviously I'm getting my teeth stuck in early. I wouldn't sit around procrastinating or anything. That wouldn't be like me at all.

Ummm. Well, there was this Grocott's article which I read at 1 AM, while trying and failing to put my sleep pattern back to something which the rest of the world finds convenient.

Some terminology for foreigners - (Puts on condescending teacher voice): Grahamstown is the town where I live; Makana is our municipality - they're very good at figuring out how to spend their entire budget on luxury hotel lunches, but pretty hopeless at everything else, including walking and chewing gum at the same time; Grocott's is our local paper, which was South Africa's oldest independent newspaper, but now is neither independent (debatable) nor a newspaper (debatable).

So this post is actually located here: (I tried putting the image directly into my blog, but the Twitter feed got in the way, and then the feed and the article started fighting with each other, so I thought it best to separate them).

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