Saturday, 28 December 2013

Homeward bound

Dubai International Airport is big. So big, that I'm not sure how they fit it all inside Dubai. After landing, there's what feels like a 45 minute bus trip because the plane parked so far away from the terminal. Then there's what helpful signboards call an "estimated 10 minute walk" to Gate A. The ten minute walk ends at an inside station for a high-speed train. The train's sole purpose in life is to travel back and forth between Gate A and Gate B of Dubai Airport (and some people think that a human life is monotonous!) The train takes several minutes to arrive, and after a another several minute journey, I'm getting close. Gate A24, here we come. Signs and shops, and signs, and more signs, and more shops. People going to the other A gates are directed down separate passageways, until it's just me following signs towards an ever decreasing range of numbers. Eventually A24 has its very own sign, another passage, some more shops, more signs, and I've found my gate. The plane landed before 11 PM and midnight came and left again a while ago. It's taken me almost an hour and half to get from one part of the airport to another. I could have landed in PE and driven to Grahamstown in the same time, except now I'm not only just still in the same city, but I'm still in the airport of the same city.

The five-and-a-bit hour flight from Vienna to Dubai was less painful than I was expecting (see, pessimism does pay off), apart from the fact that my usual luck of getting two seats for long flights failed me, and my neighbour exuded terrible karma and worse breath. Sitting at the emergency exit and having a bit of leg room makes a huge difference. I'm not looking forward to the eight-plus hour flight coming up after a few hours' wait, but here's to using up some optimism and hoping that they have the same movie selection so that I can finish off the Bourne films.

My S3 died several weeks ago, hence the general lack of updates and photos, in case anyone missed them. You'll have to catch up with me in person some time if you want to hear about the parts of my trip which were meant to be covered below, but somehow never made it past the mental drawing-board.

If you're in Grahamstown, or are going to be, then see you soon!